5 Reasons Why You Should Play Sweet Bonanza Slot

Since its first release, namely last June 29 2019, the Sweet Bonanza game has succeeded in capturing the attention of many people through its attractive features and stunning graphic design so that this game has gained popularity in a short time until now.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Sweet Bonanza Slot

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It's not without reason why a game called Sweet Bonanza is loved by many people in various parts of the world. Here are the interesting facts and reasons for the sweet bonanza slot game:

1. RTP Value and High Volatility

The first interesting reason and fact is that the default RTP and Volatility values ​​of the Sweet Bonanza Slot game are relatively high, reaching 96.6%. The high RTP value in online slot games is the main reason that many people often consider. Because RTP itself is a mathematical system that determines how much return a slot machine will make to its players.

2. Availability of the Tumbling Feature

The tumbling feature is a very interesting and profitable feature, because every symbol that is successfully won or broken will be replaced by another symbol until no more symbols are broken and this feature can be triggered repeatedly and there are no limits. With a combination of other available features, it allows you to win very high jackpots in this candy-themed game.

3. Freespins and Buyspins

Free spins or as they are commonly called bonus rounds are the excellent features of everyone who plays online slots. The reason is that in the bonus round your chance to win the big jackpot is very high, especially in the sweet bonanza game, while in the bonus round or freespins the tendency for the multiplication symbol to fall will be very high and combined with the tumbling feature allows you to win a very fantastic amount. To trigger this feature you just need to get 4 Lollipop symbols simultaneously and the game will award 10 free spins.

Interestingly, this feature can also be purchased at a price of x100 from your normal partner and 4 freespin trigger lollipop symbols will be obtained immediately.

4. High Maxwin

The next reason that is no less interesting and makes people like sweet bonanza games is the high maxwin of up to 21,100 x from your partner. With supportive features and a high maxwin, this game is classified as the type of gacor slot that many people are looking for.

5. Multiplication Feature

The last and most important reason is the multiplication feature which is the flagship of the sweet bonanza slot game which multiplies between x2 to x100. The tendency of the multiplication symbol to fall is very high, especially in the freespin round. Not infrequently people pocket the maximum win when playing sweet bonanza.

Those are 5 reasons and interesting facts about Slot Sweet Bonanza which is currently popular today and has its own advantages and is perfect for those of you who want to try playing online slots because this game is very easy to understand.

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