Friday, January 11, 2013

The Colonial @ George Town, Penang

The colonial...
We did not go there on purpose...
It was a free and easy trip. We were trying random food around. =D
Before our cycling trip to various mural arts, we had our breakfast at The Colonial.

Local Iced Coffee with Milk, priced at only RM 1.30. The workmanship of the brewer could be felt on the first sip. The coffee was aromatic and smooth. It was brewed with charcoal by the uncle who has been brewing coffee for more than 50 years! A taste not to be forgotten. I would say, this is the best brewed coffee we had tried at the moment.

We also tried the Roti Babi, toast covered with egg with pork and various vege fillings. 
The combination of chilli, mustard and soy sauce had been a good companion for the Roti Babi.

While taking to the owner, we are invited to walk around the mansion. It was a trail that brought us back to our grandparents era. The aged- cupboard with the wooden window. 

We are totally like travelled back into the time..

Hmmm...  Before the commencement of our cycling journey, we had a shot in front of The Colonial.

What we did after that were shown below, picture means a thousand words.

Let's see what we have here:

The street art is definitely the attraction for you to go Penang now.. If you look close enough, you will know that the artist used a lot of time and effort it making those.

The most difficult thing in capturing the photo is that there are a lot of people looking at you as they were there for the photo as well. We were like taking turns to snap pictures :P

Do bring an umbrella next time, unless you want to sweat like nobody business. Haha. It's very hot yo!

One bad news is that, if people do not preserve all these, sooner or later the painting on the wall will be faded due to recent heavy rains.

Guys and girls, do come visit here as early as possible to avoid and disappointment later if you are into the street arts too. :)

Jalan Melayu, Georgetown, Penang.


Sycookies said...

RM'd try one even though I am no big fan of coffee...Looks good from the photo.

WyYv said...

Haha..Not only it looks good but it also taste good :) Sorry for the late reply.. Was a bit busy lately :P


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