Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting warmer in the warm country!

It's very common for people to go for hot spring in Japan but now in Malaysia, we are able to do so as well! TRAP(Taman Rekreasi Air Panas) was established in Sungkai, Perak at year 2003. The cost for building this place was RM6 million!
The views at the place was  breath-taking as it was surrounded by hills, stream, rivers, hot springs and even palm oil plantations along the road =]

First, we went to the hot spring to "boil" ourselves first before we boil the egg. You'll get what I mean after this. Picture means thousand words..

The hot spring pool, also known as "Therapy Garden".

All this hot springs contain therapeutic effect. Pretty amazing huh?
Yv dipping her leg in hot springs~

Another norm in the hot spring, "Boiling Eggs".. You can guess what we do here =)

The eggs were boiled in this mini "super hot" spring. Don't ever try to put your hand in it, you don't wanna do so xD

Our 3/4 boiled eggs~ You might not know, they tasted better with such cooking method..

After we ate, we decided  to have some fun at the cold water pool.

This was the view of "Mountain Springs Pool". A  man made beach in the park. The water was super chilly after we "dipped" ourselves into the hot spring =D

Another view of the pool. This pool was really big. But it was kinda swallow.

Ops.. I almost miss this.. The face spa xD We got the mud at the bottom of the hot spring and apply it on our face as mask.. haha.. Everybody was doing the same thing as the there was a staff promoting that was better than SKII! LOL

Yv applying it onto her face.

Our faces after helping each other to apply the mud =D

 This was the close-up of the mud.. LOL.. Don't worry, it was odourless.

After we done with the DIY facial treatment and so, we explored around the park and we discovered a big hidden hot spring swimming pool. We really did missed out this pool as we do not know deep inside the park, there is another pool.  Guess we gotta have a second visit on this place soon xD

This place was known as the "Family Spa" pool. The pool was quite big and the water was warm. Its temperature was between 35 to 40 degree celsius.

We haven't try it here yet but we guess it must be different feel to swim in a big swimming pool with hot water. Haha.. Nice view with green trees and blue sky huh?

Places and facilities in Sungai Klah Hot Spring.

Lastly, last but not least a picture of WyYv before returning home~
We had a wonderful trip on this 22nd of January 2011 :)


ai wei said...

this is such a nice place. wanna go lar. need to plan plan already :P

WyYv said...

Yep yep~ It's charging a reasonable price too! Good place to wind down with burning a hole in the pocket:)

choi yen said...

seem like to good place for family trip since my Samantha like playing water :)

WyYv said...

:) I bet Samantha will like the big pool with slide. We enjoyed playing there too, just like going back to childhood.

The Sudden Cook said...

Just noticed the new look and feel of the blog. Diggin' it!

WyYv said...



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