Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chilli Padi @ Kuchai Lama

It was a normal Saturday night where my family mostly will go out and dine.. And we have our usual spot for the dinner, but this time is rather special.. It was a sudden decision from my parents thou, I saw this promotion ads from the magazine so I showed it to my mom.. I then proposed to have our dinner at there instead.. Where? It's here..
Chili Padi @ Kuchai Lama
The Restaurant Chili Padi located at Kuchai Entrepreneur Park.

What promotion that makes us so into this place? Alright, it's actually just a plate of traditional nasi lemak! (with a cup of either hot/cold jasmine honey tea) :D
The set meal we ordered was the right one..

Nasi lemak with ayam rendang :) Erm, this nasi lemak was ok.. The rice is quite aromatic with smell of coconut milk.. While the chicken was tender and it's not that spicy.. Suitable for those who can't take hot food. However, I still prefer Hailam Kopitiam's version:D

And now the drink.. well, according to the promotion we only can choose to have either hot or cold jasmine honey tea..
I ordered the cold Jasmine Honey Tea..

The restaurant was almost full-house that night..
The funniest thing is that most of them are ordering the same set meal as we do.. Nasi lemak set with the price of RM 8.90 with 10% service charge..

Location: 47, GF, Off Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Jalan Kuchai Lama
Contact: 03-79840928

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yyv said...

I miss nasi lemak! the genuine nasi lemak with sambal sotong from Seri Petaling..

WyYv said...

keke.. then lets go eat again as soon as u're back~ :P


Irenelim said...

Another other food nice here?

WyYv said...

I've tried the nasi lemak here only so far.. And I think that it's not bad.. Perhaps you could give other dishes a try and share your opinion here :)


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