Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Recipes #2 Fatt Gou发糕

Mid autumn is coming. It's time for some chinese traditional foods.  Fatt gou, is originated from ZhanJiang, GuangDong, China. 

Since last year, my parents are baking this as a hobby, and they are gradually improving. Tadaa! These are their latest product~  I personally think it's look like a smiling face, bringing prosperous and happiness to all of us =)
The recipe credit goes to my lai ma(babysitter).


A- Yeast ingredient
cooked rice- 1 bowl (we use leftover rice)
alcohol cube (zau beng 酒饼 can get from any grocery shop)- 1 piece

300g Tepung beras- rice flour
150g- sugar
300ml- water
food colouring powder(red or yellow are great)- adjust according to tone preference
ENO- 1 packet

12cm paper cup

1. Keep ingredient A in closed container at dry and cool place for 2-3days.
2. After 2-3days, blend the ingredients A to fluffy.
3. Mix ingredients B in a large bowl or container to a mixture.
4. Add in 3 big spoons of prepared A into mixture B.
5. Cover and place the ingredient for 6-8hours before steaming.
6. Add in a 1 packet of ENO and allow effervescence.
7. Quickly pour the mixture into small cups or appropriate containers.(we fit the ingredients into 15 12cm paper cup containers.)
8. Steam them in well-covered wok. Ensure the wok is well sealed to prevent air leaking out.
9. Serve hot. It wont be harden even it's cooled =) It's advisable to steam i before consuming on the next day. 
*put a few pandan leaves in the water while steaming the fatt gou will make it more aromatic*

Hope you guys like the recipe and enjoy baking^^


ai wei said...

ahhh, long time never have some homebakes liao...

thanks for sharing this :)

WyYv said...

u're welcome.. haha.. good luck in baking, ai wei =]

vialentino said...

wah...lovely family recipe...i used to like to eat this when young....

WyYv said...

haha.. thanks vialentino =] oh? u din eat this anymore now?

vialentino said...

no ler...hardly eat...but i know my mom still buys it for the family over the weekend ...

i know it is nice to eat and drink milo or teh tarik.

WyYv said...

vialentino, i see.. now u can tell ur mom about this recipe and ask her to make it instead of buying.. save money tis way =]

The Sudden Cook said...

Hi! These look very cute - is the texture very soft? AM wondering if I have tried it before or not...

choi yen said...

Raise nicely !! Well done!

WyYv said...

Hi Sudden Cook, yup the texture is soft and it smells good too =]

Hello Choi Yen, thank you for the compliment^^ these were made by Yv's daddy.. haha

Christy said...

wow, this is a lovely recipe, I like cakes like these too, I call them rice cupcakes..LOL! =)


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