Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vegas Kitchen @ Taman Bandar Baru Kampar

Vegas Kitchen had it grand opening few months ago and it captivated all walks of life here in short while. If you happen to be a student of UTAR/TARC at Kampar, Perak or pass by there, the Vegas Kitchen is a must visit restaurant.  In a Vegas deco, they serve American cuisine, sincerely large portion and DELICIOUS, in a reasonable price. ;)  The choices of foods are basically burgers and steaks. So, western cuisine lovers, you gotta try it out here.. if u plan to pay a visit, be early or make a reservation! This place will be full-house on 6-8pm, dinner peak hour.

Ice lemon tea @ RM1.80. A good choice in sunny day.

Lemonade @ RM2.20

Hot Chocolate . forgotten price. 

Cheesy Fries @ RM 4.50 . Very cheesy and appetizing. An excellent starter before your main course arrives. 

Cheesy Chicken served with steamed carrot , long bean and crispy fries.=]

 Cheezy Chicken @ RM11.80. A fried chicken chop, very crispy at the outer layer with tender meat.
 The taste is enhanced when dipped with the creamy cheese provided*would be better if more creamy cheese give ;)*. I guess that's their secret recipe. 

All Star Burger

All Star Burger composed of  a half-cooked egg, two slices of ham with melted cheese on top of each,and a nice well-cooked chicken meat. Some vege is placed at the bottom of meaty to balance out the carnivorous meal.  You really can't miss out the taste of the chicken meat, it tasted really good! Customer can actually choose either beef or chicken . A tasty burger with the price RM8.90. Yummilicious!

I'm going to pay them the third visit for their well-known "Full House Burger'', which with the length of my face .. yuhooo! :)

Restaurant: Vegas Kitchen 
Location:  2175, Tingkat Bawah Jalan Timah, Taman Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak
(shoplot right behind Grand Kampar Hotel)
Operation Time: 11am to 11pm
Contact: Beverly Chew @ 012-6817683
Reservation: 016-5991699 

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Lavenne_YLinG said...

T.T i could see it's yum yum... but i miss pan mee more! hahaha

WyYv said...

okok..will capture picture of pan mee.. ;) n more chinese style food...


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